Sell ​​valve 30ch6br

Date of addition: 15.01.2018
Company:   Armasplav, LLC
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
OOO "ARMASPLAV" offers from inventory at our warehouses - cast iron valves, steel any!
Latches 30ch6br, 30ch6bk, 30ch47bk, 30ch530br DN50 - PN10 1600, water, steam, oil, oil and gas
Latches 30s41nzh, 30s941nzh DN50 - DN600 PN16, water, steam, oil, gas, tightness class "A"!
Latches 30s65nzh DN50-400 PN25
Latches 30s15nzh DN50 - DN300 PN40
Conducting hydrotests valves!
Trim valves flanges and mounting hardware!
Shipping carrier anywhere in Ukraine in one day!
Great quality, 12 months warranty!
More information at:
(056) 7352040, (050) 3400672, (096) 0142930
Starun Yuri
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