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Ukraine, Kharkov, 11 Slinko Str, app.128.
The company sells thermal former STA-300 for manufacturing of blister and apron packing.

Model STA-300 is operated using inexpensive, fast forms in manufacturing!
STA-300 is thermal forming machine with the increased size of a formed field. Its main destination – formation from PS, PET, PVC aprons, trays, pallets though it also can be used for manufacturing of blister packing, as you wish.

In forming unit thermal forming tool STA-300 (as well as in model STA-150) has the lever mechanism which has perfectly proved throughout many years of operation at our Customers, therefore even at the maximum dimensions of formed products (310x410 mm) and depth of forming up to 55 mm, this model shows speed of 1200 steps per hour.

Technical specifications of the thermal forming machine:

Field of forming, mm (max.) - 310х410.
Blanking field, mm (max.) - is not present.
Depth of forming, mm (max.) - 55.
Productivity (cycles/hours) - to 1200.
Non- formed edge of product (mm) - not less than 5 (for separate products probably decrease to 3).
Average power consumption - 2,2.
Power - 220 V, 50 Hz (1-phase).
Overall dimensions - 2950x770x1390.
Weight, kg - 440.
The average consumption of air - 28 l/cycle (0,4 mPa).
The water consumption - 2,5 l/min
Average time of readjustment, hour - 0,5.
Weight of a roll up to, kg - 70.
Film heating - contact.
Thickness films (mm) - 0,15 …. 0,5.
Processed materials - PVC, PET, PS.
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