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Our company offers on the Ukrainian market the production of natural food colorings NATUREX British company, which is in the range of more than 4,000 kinds of dyes.

The use of natural dyes in the production of food is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to more attractive and natural types of products. In addition, a number of natural food colors are not just a coloring agent, but also a useful ingredient having beneficial effect on human health.

In some cases, natural dyes do not impossible, especially when the production of fermented milk products, since lactic bacteria decompose synthetic dyes.

Natural food colors produced in the form of water- and fat-soluble fluids (suspensions, emulsions, solutions) and powders. We offer a full range of natural colors.

The most popular food colors:
Beta-carotene (E160a), which allows to obtain shades from yellow to orange;
Paprika (E160s) - bright orange dye belonging to the group of carotenoids;
Annatto (E160b) - Yellow-oranzhevyё natural dye, hypotonic and has antispasmodic properties;
Curcumin (E100), which allows you to paint foods yellow, improves digestion, helps normalize intestinal microflora, binds free radicals, helps to fight age-related diseases;
Anthocyanins - organic pigments belonging to the class of flavonoids;
Red beet colorant (E162).

A full range of products and advice on the application you can get teleyonu. Call us, we will be happy to answer your questions.