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Treatment of polarized light

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Bioptron light therapy system uses the most useful part of the world, which is similar to the solar spectrum light stimulates natural processes of healing the body. He is not a "healer" in the literal sense, but as a stimulant and control of biological processes, helps the body to restore balance and thus way self-healing.

Sunlight - not only helps us to feel better, it is - an integral part of our biological system. Just as plants need sunlight that would blossom, so we need sunlight for normal life of the organism. Our body converts light into electrochemical energy needed for maintaining the metabolism and endocrine system. By sunlight in the skin synthesize vitamin D, which is involved in the process of bone formation. Natural light has a positive effect on our immune system due photomodulation process, namely by acting on elements of the blood, which increase the our immune system.
diseases of the central nervous system;
diseases of the cardiovascular system;
disease Respiratory;
ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;
bolzni intestines;
liver disease;
female genitalia;
urinary system;
endocrine system;
LOG bodies;
eye disease;
skin diseases: